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Music for Young Children

Private Music Instruction 
  • Piano 

  • Theory 

  • Composition 

  • Exam Preparation  

  • Jazz Piano

  • Jazz Vocal Training  

Adult Jazz Combo Group Workshop
Youth Jazz Combo Group Workshop

The combo workshops are designed for any instrument players who would like to improve their skills at playing in a group. Improvisation, listening, musical form, endings and intros will all be covered while playing through jazz standard repertoire. Please contact Jessica to find out more and for audition information.

Music Wellness & Personal Development

Did you know that learning to play an instrument can be a form of meditation and aids in a persons overall well being?  The effects of guided focused musical and sounds practice with the intent to achieve a greater sense of well being can help with calming a busy mind, settling emotional stress, creating balance and tuning into ones self all while learning or improving upon a new skill! Contact Jessica for more information on her Music and Well Being courses. 

Group Piano Class

Group piano lessons are an excellent way to get started into piano.    Students will learn musical concepts and piano technique  through interactive musical games, piano songs and  musical exercises together.  By the end of the course, students will have completed a full set of their piano , theory and ear training books and it will all seem like play!  This level one course is designed for ages 6 - 7. Maximum in class is 4 children.

Music for Young Children

These classes are an innovative way for young children jump into music.  Jessica utilizes the traditional methods of Kodaly and Off and puts her spin and magic on it.  Children learn songs based on a theme per semester.  Children will be using a variety of instruments and children  will develop basic  musical concepts including pitch, theory, rhythm and language.


Do you battle with performance anxiety, limiting beliefs and other mental blocks that get in the way of your success as a musician ?  Jessica coaches musicians with achieving their dreams, finding their "inner musician" ,  and over coming mental blocks , fears and anxieties that we all go through on our career path.  Contact Jessica to help you fulfill your potential and reach new levels of awareness, well being and success in your musical career and ambitions!

Performance Coaching

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